lazy sunday

Join us for the big request show, a top 20 countdown and great music as you chill through your Sunday.



Toby at Breakfast

Start the weekend with Toby Cottrell. He's got a Hidden Gem and the famous Big Finish Badge.


Forest Gold Request Show

It's your choice on the radio. Three hours of the music you choose. To get involved, click here.


The Classic Top Twenty

Jon Kutner counts down a top 20 fron this day in history, plays every song in full and some that bubbled under.


Gary Dixon Music Show

Gary sets up the weekend with the birthday file, the obvious connection and some great classic oldies.


The Big Performance

Siobhan Turnbull presents an hour of music from stage and some classics.


Helen Munro

Classic hits and some songs you never hear on the radio. That's how Helen rolls on a Sunday.


Sunday Night Music

Stuart McDonald plays an hour of classic oldies you'll never hear anywhere else.


The Request Show

Another chance to hear this morning's request show with Chris Taylor.