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Good time oldies to start your day.

6.00-10.00 Toby Cottrell's weekend breakfast


Join Chris Taylor and choose whatever you want to hear. Call the studio on 01279 829194 or use the links at the top of this page to email your request or link to us via Facebook or Twitter.

10.00-13.00 The Forest Gold Request Show

Hits and memories from the 1980's with Paul Mumford.

13.00-14.00 The Eighties Show

Featuring The Obvious Connection, The Birthday File and much more.

16.00-18.00 The Gary Dixon Music Show

David Bartley presents an hour of show tunes and the classics.

18.30-19.00 The Big Performance

Mike Walker takes us back to the decade with more flare.

19.00-20.00 Saving The Seventies

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Stuart McDonald with an eclectic mix of music.

20.00-21.00 The Sound of Sunday night

Another chance to hear this morning's requests with Chris Taylor.

21.00-00.00 The Forest Gold Request Show

New Age and chilled reflective music through the night.

00.00-06.00 Mr Sandman

Mr Sandman Toby Cottrell Chris Taylor David Bartley John Kutner Stuart McDonald Paul Mumford

Jon Kutner presents a top 20 from this day in history.

14.00-16.00 The Classic Top Twenty

Gary Dixon Chris Taylor

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